среда, 28 апреля 2010 г.

Leather perfume

Today I've plunge into creating my new Leather perfume.
I'm fond of Birch Tar, and for me it's indispensable to leather. But leather with tar is very masculine and brutal - so, for variety's sake, I decide to make feminine leather.
Without tar...
but with...
black tea abs, orange blossom abs, immortelle abs, tuberose, labdanum, white cedar abs, castoreum, rose de may abs, kewda and cognac and so on.
I do love leather!

вторник, 20 апреля 2010 г.

SIP, Urban Lily

My next favorite from Strange invisible perfumes is Urban Lily.
Description from site: Sincere. Resilient. Untamed.
The lush scent of lily of the valley blossoms
Similar to the gardenia, lily of the valley will not yield an essence. Happily, the sweetness of its petals, the strength of its roots, and the lush beauty of its leaves are captured in Urban Lily, a stunning bouquet for the ages.

As for me, this perfume is very сompelling.
Fresh green start: I feel bitter galbanum and, may be, frankincense, ingratiating bergamot, and a touch of pepper?
I feel this green pulse: bitter and vet notes turns to ligth and smooth green coolness. Just like a shadow of a branch on green grass mooves with the wind.
Flowers: jasmin, jonquille, roses and ylang ylang appears through green notes.
Base notes - splendid ambrette, honey, pollen, warm velvet, very slow dry down.
This amazing perfume morphs twice each hour! Love it.

среда, 14 апреля 2010 г.

Strange Invisible Perfumes - Fair Verona.

I love perfumes from Alexandra Balahoutis, Strange Invisible Perfumes founder.

These perfumes are very intimate with me. They sounds truly beautiful.
One of my most favorites - Fair Verona.
Description from site: "Verdant. Sparkling. Worldly.
Jasmine, sandalwood, mimosa & pink grapefruit
Organic Italian citruses, sandalwood, mimosa, and a precious array of jasmine essences sweetly conjure Shakespeare’s heroine, Juliet. This Strange Invisible classic inspires clarity and charm."

Then - impressions from this perfume, living on ly skin.
So, this Juliet is no longer fourteen. But not twenty yet.
All buds becomes a blossoms and their fragrance are strong.
May be, Romeo was not so swift in this tale, or Lorenco did not late. Anyway, they fled from the parents and had time to enjoy their love.
More then one only day, more, then one only night. Just enough time.
Perhaps their love not fade away. And Romeo still run to his wife and climb to the balcony, although he could use the door.
My skin loves jasmine and perfumes loose it's verdant nature. Mimosa and grapefruit can't return innocence, but they create a lot of real Italian vibrant light and radiance. Base notes with sandal - like white clean sheets, beaming in the sun, sweetness, lassitude, streaming curtains and splashs of noon in the mirror.
No doubt - nightingale or lark was it: noon, birds are silent and the lazy wind touchs the leaves on the trees and her hears.
Yeah, "Sweeter than honey" but no gall, no parting, no death.
Here is video - to share:

So, as for my - it's not about Shakespeare:) I coul call this perfume: "Romeo&Juliet: Honeymoon".

среда, 9 сентября 2009 г.

my solid perfum "Surrender"

Beeswax, coconut oil, vetiver, rose de may, jasmin grandiflorum, patchuli, champaka.